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Who is Sterling Todd?
Sterling, my middle name, was fiercely rejected when I was a child - it was unusual, and I was afraid of it. Now, I embrace it. It is a strong name, and I wanted to use it somehow to identify this company. To make up for its neglect in my youth.


Strong, solid, genuine - sterling is taken from the word "starling", more specifically the martlets, hence the little black starling in my logo.

Todd, is a family name. Symbolizing love, appreciation of family, health, community, fitness, as well as an inner desire to work with others. 


Bringing these two imporant names together to create this company, only made sense.

Marlene Sterling Luscombe

Founder and CEO

Certified Urban Poling / Nordic Walking Instructor

Never Stop Moving, Learning, Imagining

In 2012, I overcame a huge challenge, and quit smoking cigarettes after 37 years.  Sadly, as a result, I gained almost 40 lbs. 

I started doing some serious exercise in the spring of 2014, but I began having issues with pain in my chest. I was concerned, and suspected heart trouble. My Dr. rushed me in to a cardiologist, for stress tests, heart imaging, and ultra sounds - thankfully, the results were good, but she warned me, I was "this close" to needing medication for blood pressure.  I knew I had to get moving and get this weight off.  I had to see her again in 3 months.


I do aqua fit and walk my dogs regularly, but I needed something more. A friend told me about urban poling, and I thought I would try it for the summer. It was difficult to keep up at first, but I was hooked after the first class. I wasn't in pain, and I could move - for 5K every week without stopping.  I was originally plodding along at the back of the group (our instructor was very fit, and sped ahead of us most of the time) I was winded, but kept plowing through, and by the end of the summer,  I was out in front of the group, circling back to pick up the beginners, and those with mobility issues, and encourage them along.  I thought to myself, "I would love to share this passion with people of all ages, and fitness levels.  Help them realize that "they can do it too".  It’s so good for us – everyone should be doing it!! So I went obtained my Urban Poling Certification, along with my Standard First Aid and CPR/AED, and Sterling Todd Nordic Walking was born.


Three months, came and went, and I had put off my follow up Dr. visit, because although I was exercising very regularly, the weight was not coming off.  I finally made the appointment, and vowed to work harder on the weight loss. She reminded me of her concern about my blood pressure - I was nervous.  She checked it, and double checked it again. In shock, she said "whatever you are doing, keep doing it - your blood pressure is perfect", and sent me out the door.


For those just starting out, or those that fear they can't keep up - please join us - we will walk along with you, at your pace. You will be speeding along before you know it!


I'm passionate about this newly discovered activity, and I can't wait to share it with everyone I know, and love.


Thanks goes to Dineka, my fellow mermaid, who introduced me to Urban Poling in June of 2014. Terri, of 10WeeksToWow, who touched base with me just in time, and very well could have saved my life. Zoe, one of my first instructors, that inspired me  to become one. Deirdre, who's guidance in developing this site is appreciated more than she knows. Constructive, unbiased, editorial advice came from Tricia, and James - I thank you. Christine, my first Urban Poling instructor - who got me hooked. My uncle, at 86, the inspiration behind my motto "Never Stop Moving, Learning, Imagining" My mom, who's  fear of all things out of her norm, inspires me to reach out to those that are curious, but fearful. And my father, who would have, if he was alive today, embraced modern technology, and appreciated all my "open tabs".


As I travel through this health and fitness journey, I have come to realize that "life does not come with a remote control...we all must get up and change".

Pole through forests
Poling up mountains
Pole through conservation areas
Urban Poling
My Inspiration
Poling the Conservation Area
Poling with family and friends
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