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nordic waking classes

Nordic Walking 

Nordic walking - is a great fitness activity that is fun, safe, easy to learn and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 


As one of North America's fastest growing fitness trends, nordic walking (fitness walking, pole walking) is a low impact full body workout that can be done anywhere you can walk!




From the occasional walker who enjoys a walk in the outdoors, to the elite athlete performing cross training, the aerobic and strength building benefits of nordic walking are well documented.


Participants receive a full body workout. During execution many major muscles are used, for example: chest, arms, back, shoulders, abdominals, legs and glutes.


Health benefits include, improved circulation, coordination, balance, agility, improved posture, and weight loss. Nordic walking burns from 20% - 46% more calories than walking without poles! 





Approximately 1 hour in length - provides practical experience under the instruction of a certified urban poling/nordic walking instructor.


Participants will learn:


  • history of nordic walking

  • benefits of nordic walking

  • pole adjustment/set up

  • proper form and technique




Geared towards beginners, classes venture out on walking paths and trails, through parks, and forests in Lanark, or the Ottawa area during all four seasons.


Classes include:


  • Nationally Certified Urban Poling/Nordic Walking Instructor with Standard First Aid with CPR-C, and AED.

  • Certification is accredited by Fitness Canada, BCRPA, SPRA, AFLCA, OKA, MFC, CCAA and Can Fit Pro

  • A friendly, safe and motivating environment

  • At least 5 minutes warm-up of either slower walking or stationary movements

  • Instructions and cueing of proper form and technique

  • Wellness/nutrition tips (some classes may include a coffee get together after our walk)

  • Variety of pathways, trails, forests and parks

  • Cool-down stretches


Meet new friends, have fun and stay motivated!




Complementary demonstration can be arranged at your place of work, community centre, or local park.


Urban Poles (from


Available for rent during classes or purchase your own. Urban Poles improve core strength, don’t create annoying vibrations and are of unbeatable quality. They are adopted and endorsed by some of the top fitness instructors, and physiotherapists in Canada. Superior performance with all the strength, posture, and conditioning benefits of nordic walking.


Bonus: purchase your own Urban Poles, and we will include an instructional DVD.



Contact us today for rates, registration, gift cards and equipment purchases.


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